John Lahr

The gearbox on my Audi A2 1.2TDi started making a terrible noise at around 230,000km whilst driving in Norway. I asked the local dealer about the issue and was faced with a very unrealistic estimate for both time and cost. I asked on the German A2 forum and was recommended to contact Eldert-Jan and his company.

I sent Eldert-Jan a couple of recordings of the noise and he was able to identify the fault and offer me a great price on a rebuilt gearbox. I then sent the car to Holland where Eldert-Jan received it and replaced the gearbox, changed the timing belt and replaced the front brakes for a fraction of the cost of having this work done in Norway. The squealing starter motor was also replaced and I got the car back within a week of its arrival in the Netherlands!

As an added bonus the garage are able to fit cruise control to the 1.2TDi (something even Audi/VW have failed to offer!). The service was fantastic and the guys really know these cars and it felt like I was driving a new car on the way home!

John Lahr30-08-2014Tromsø, Norway
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